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New Acquisitions at Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery is proud to present  the new artworks of the Argentinean plastic artist Cristina Hauk. 

Cristina Hauk is a talented contemporary kinetic artist. She builds layers in different colors and plays with the overlay to create impressive movement in her pieces.

With this concept, the artist plays with the colors and their placement so that they are enhanced, diluted or combined all depending from where you are looking at them. In terms of technique, she works with different transparent layers that she designs beforehand. The designs would be created with either drawings or with computer. 

Cristina Hauk has always been interested in observing or reflecting on how we find our place in this world and how we interact with others according to our differences, whether they are cultural or religious. She believes that these differences allow us to see how one situation or idea has different possible interpretations, giving light to different visions. Therefore, depending from where you are looking is what you see. 

To have more information about this unique artist please arrange a visit with the gallery at Email: