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Women Artists from the XX Century Exhibition

Impressive Surrealistic Women Artists Exhibition

The Bellas Artes National Institute in Ciudad de Mexico offers an impressive exhibition of Surrealistic Women Artist with over 120 artworks.  This exhibition will take place at  the “Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes” until January 13th 2013 and it is named “In Wonderland”
Women Artists from all over the world who took part of the Surrealistic movement from the Twentieth Century are showcased in this expo.

This exhibition is a detailed revision of the different interpretations from each artist about the Feminism and its problematic during the XX Century.
The co-curators Ms Ilene Fort & Teresa Arcq chose over 45 talented women artists from the 1930 to the 1970’s.

Renowned Artists like
Frida Kahlo, Rosa Rolando, Lewis Carroll, Helen Lundeberg, Gertrude Abercrombie and Remedios Varo among other artists are part of this interesting collection. From paintings and sculptures to mixed media artworks from the Master Women Artist from the twentiest century. To get more information about this show please visit their website at