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Picasso’s mural in Norway is in danger to be demolished

Picasso’s The Fisherman mural survived in 2011 the terrorist attack unscathed, however Government contemplates tearing down buildings damaged during this terrorist attack in Oslo. In order to preserve public safety all buildings with structural damages will have to be demolished.
This mural is the largest among all the Picasso sketches for murals to be executed on the buildings’ interiors and exteriors. The largest mural, The Fisherman, 1970, was installed on the façade of the “regjeringskvartal” building , known by the community as the Y-block building.
The Norwegian Director for Cultural Heritage fears that Picasso’s first monumental concrete murals which were made between the late 1950s and the early 1970s for two government buildings in Oslo, may be destroyed. The ministry has asked several architects to propose suggestions for the “regjeringskvartal” building,providing options to both retain and demolish the buildings.
“If the buildings were demolished and the murals integrated into new ones or brought to anothersite, they would no longer be the works Picasso intended,” says Jørn Holme, the head of the Director for Cultural Heritage.
The buildings in Oslo were severely damaged during the deadly terrorist attack in the Norwegian capital in July 2011. The government is now considering whether to demolish the Modernist buildings that form the government quarter. The architects in charge will present their proposals this summer 2013 with the mission to safe Picasso’s famous works.