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Latin American Artists in Asia

Latin American artistic talent in Seoul this coming Spring 2013
Art Center Miami sends excellent Latin-American artists to Seoul-Korea this coming May 2013. The event will take place at the well-known COEX Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea from May 2 to 6,2013
Art Center Miami mission as a gallery center is to nurture “Art” as a way of living, from educational programs to artist representations. Art Center Miami showcases the best quality of genuine artists within the community. At this center, artists with or without disability are granted the opportunity to artistically express with their best performance.
Beyond the rich tradition of indigenous art, the development of Latin American visual art owes much to the influence of European Baroque painting. This artistic Eurocentrism faded as Latin-American artists began to acknowledge the individuality of their pieces. It is an honor for this gallery to exhibit this excellent, well-rounded group of artists in Asia.
Art Center Miami presents an excellent group of Latin-American artists to Asia. Including everything from oil paintings to sculptures the portfolio of artists displays supreme skill. Well-known artists like Leonor Anthony, Jee Yoon, Ingrid Block,Beatriz Ocampo, Roxanna Gottschalk, Susan Simon, Gonzalo Sanchez, Billy Monsalve and Ana Carolina Moreno will be some of the exhibiting artists at Seoul Open Art Fair 2013.
Art Center Miami supports emerging artists through its local exhibition space named Dance Art Gallery. It also provides superior artistic education through its academy Art Atelier.
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