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Silvia Grandela Artworks exhibition in US

Silvia Grandela artworks exhibition in Miami, Florida.
Dance Art Gallery in Miami hosted a unique art exhibition last Saturday April 20 where the artist Silvia Grandela showcased her unique artworks.
Born in Buenos Aires, Silvia was related to art since an early age through painting, music and dance. She studied Fine Arts in Argentina and also holds a degree in Accountancy from the Catholic University of Argentina. Silvia’s vocation for painting was developed in her adult years with an excellent completion of her artistic talents.
Her interesting artworks in oil have a lot of expression and dramatic strokes that allow the spectator to feel inside the painting itself. Silvia’s artwork had been exhibited in Argentina, US and recently in Colombia at the International Art Fair BarranquillArte 2013.
For more information about the artist please visit her website at
Dance Art Gallery showcases the best quality of genuine artists within the community. At this center, artists with or without disability are granted the opportunity to artistically express with their best performance. The mission of this gallery center is to nurture “Art” as a way of living, from educational programs to artist representations.
Art Center Miami supports emerging artists through its local exhibition space named Dance Art Gallery in Miami. It also provides superior artistic education through its academy Art Atelier.