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Art Fusion Opening Night at Wynwood

On view as part of this month’s sweltering Second Saturday Art Walk at Wynwood, beginning at 7 p.m., Art Fusion Galleries Presents the collective exhibition opening "Colorful Liaisons"
Featuring over 50 emerging contemporary artists, this exhibition highlights the ingenuity, beauty and provocative array of contemporary artwork that spans across more than twenty six countries.  The artfully composed collection merges the ideals of beauty and pleasure by infusing colorful materials and mediums together reflective of an era steeped in artistic and cultural splendor
Among the exhibitors, we will highlight two talented artists from which you can find interesting pieces at this exhibit.
Eliana Martinez
The artist Eliana Martinez, architect, born in Cartagena Colombia. Her art pieces as have the perfect combination
of perspective and balance in autumn colors. Inspired by perfect lines and voluptuousness, her artwork invites each viewer to experience an indulgence of curious delight with perspective.
William Bremer
The American artist William Braemer, who’s artwork is the result of an amazing life experience and a personality that hungers for rich, character-defining adventures. William’s artwork can be defined as abstract expressionism notably flavored with valiant colors and rich strokes.
This exhibition will close at the end of summer on September 16th. Art Fusion Galleries is located at 3550 North Miami Avenue, Miami FL.