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Fridge Art Fair in Miami

Fridge Art Fair NYC: The Miami Popsicle Project. Edition #2
The talented Dog and pet artist Eric Ginsburg and the Fridge Art Fair NYC team; artist/curator Kaitlin Martin, photographer Cara Hunter Viera, and Gil Coronado of CILA Management, LLC have partnered with the 6th Street Dance Studio/Whole project space, along with resident artist and dancer Brigid Baker, to create the Fridge Art Fair NYC: The Miami Popsicle Project. Edition #2, where the Fridge meets the Miami Meltdown.

The inaugural Miami Edition of Fridge Art Fair NYC is pleased to present the coolest art event to coincide with the world’s hottest art week. We promise to bring you the best in art from the ice cold glaciers of Antartica to the coolness of New York City to Miami’s hottest spot, Little Havana.
With accessibility and openness, The Miami Popsicle Project will highlight art, artists, and galleries to the collectors and art lovers. Where would the world be without the Popsicle? Just think; so many flavors, colors, shapes, and sizes…It is much like art. We will introduce artists who often do not have a platform elsewhere. We are more than an art fair, we are an art experience. The 6th Street Dance Studio/Whole project Space is located in Little Havana, Miami’s newest-cutting edge art district - a neighborhood that is cool enough for none other than the Fridge Art Fair NYC: The Miami Popsicle Project. Edition #2. 
VIP Preview - Thu, Dec 5 - 2-7 pmOpening Extravangaza Miami Style Thu, Dec 5 - 7 pm - ?
Fair Hours: Fri, Dec 6 and Sat, Dec 7 - 2-9 pmSun, Dec 8 - Open to Public. 10-5 pmBe Contemporary, Be Chill, Be Fridge...
For more information:
6th Street Dance Studio/Wholeproject1155 SW 6th Street, Miami, FL 33130305-560-1150