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Art Center Miami travels the world with its artists

Art Center Miami artists travel the world again this 2014
Art has no frontiers for Art Center Miami. This artist’s representation and gallery center established in 2007, not only showcases its artists locally but internationally. With quarterly exhibitions abroad this center directed by the architect/artist Ana Carolina Moreno encourage artist to break the land frontiers.
Art Center Miami has showcased so far in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Paris, Stockholm, Belgium and Colombia. With unbelievable energy its director put together specific groups according to the country to visit. “Every country is different, so does its people and its taste in art. This is why we have different artists depending on the land we are approaching. Each Fine Art Fair we visit has a different group of artists” said Ana Carolina Moreno, director of Art Center Miami.
This coming year 2014 the center was invited again to participate in top fine art fairs in Asia and Europe. The center opens its doors to artists with or without disability to showcase artworks. For the ones who wish to approach the Miami market there is also an option to exhibit at their local gallery Art Center Wynwood.
Its director Ana, has excellent network relationships with galleries all over the world who are willing to support this cultural exchange between nations. “The idea is to make Art a multinational language without any barriers of expression”.
This year agenda for Art Center Miami includes monthly art exhibition its gallery in the most important art district of the city named Wynwood. The fine art fairs abroad will be in Korea, China and Europe, with a golden closing of the year 2014 in Paris and in the Art Basel Miami Satellite Fairs.
For more information visit their website or email Art Center Miami gallery is located at 149 NW 36 St, Miami FL 33127 – Wynwood Art District.