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17th Beijing Intl Art Exhibition - September 2014

Almost concluding the exhibitions in Asia for this 2014, Art Center Miami will participate in the 17 Beijing International Art Exhibition with a group of talented artists. Ms Moreno quotes: “The Chinese market is different from any other, and our center bring them the type of art pieces they can appreciate and value” The exhibition will take place in the city of Beijing in the People Republic of China from September 12 to the 15th. This event is open to the general public and will take place at the Beijing Exhibition Center. 

Among others, the participant artists in this 2014 Beijing Fine Art Fair with Art Center Miami will be: Cecilia Sanchez-Vegas, Eumelia Castro, Guus Kemp, Ingrid Block, Lesta Summerfield Stacom, Ana Carolina Moreno & Galerie La Spirale Naif Artists. The center will also present an interesting Flower Collective Section by:  Adriana Bordogna, Cynthia Wolper, Dinett Hook, Jee Yoon, Johnathan Cabrera, Makeda, Tina Pascual & Tony Coria

We wish all the good fortune to these pioneer center pushing the Occidental art in Asia. For more information email the art center  at