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Nanin & Matthew Exhibition at Ascanio Gallery

O. Ascanio Gallery unveils its new exhibition showcasing artists Kate Mathews and Nanin. These two artist, although from different parts of the world, Venezuela and England, are on the same search for human and space relation. Since 1964, Signal Gallery in London has made exhibitions of artists dedicated to this research, Kinetic art, art that includes the spectator as a part of the artwork itself. Today, Kate Matthews and Nanin are involved in this investigation, each one in their own language awakening our spirit through this invisible force and opening a whole new world of feelings for our senses. 

WHEN:  Reception: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 7pm – 10pm
RSVP to Thelma Urbina, 305.332.2383  
Artists and O. Ascanio Gallery owners available for interviews
Gallery hours: Tues. – Fri. 10:30am - 6pm & Sat. 11am – 6:30pm

O. Ascanio Gallery, is located at 2600 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126, 305.571.9036

Named as one of the top ten emerging artists in the UK by the Prospects Art Prize, Kate Matthews breaks down the rules of established, modernist, two-dimensional abstraction. Her practice explores the limits of geometric and optical painting through the use of color, repetition, sequence and distortion; while incorporating the disciplines of sculpture and architecture. Obscuring the rules of fixed, consecutive arrangements, her work generates a sense of unease by creating broken and fragmented shapes whilst in a uniform composition. She offers an endless battle between systems and disorder, structure and chaos.

Venezuelan artist José Armando García Esteves (Nanin) is known for his symbolism expressed by a progressive geometry that intertwines across planes to create innovative spaces. Nanin’s language is a code that moves as it stands still. The artist’s shapes are a system based on the concept of the alphabet. Each shape designed by Nanin corresponds to a letter in of Latin alphabet. He embraces our visual field, where reading takes and piques the viewer’s understanding through familiar and dynamic shapes, while nevertheless inhibiting such understanding as they are not fully recognizable nor is their order in space. The artist’s figures are proposals, elusive architecture and mute sound.