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Miami Art Week exhibitions 2019

Miami Symphony Orchestra Golden Award recognition

The 20th of October the Miami Symphony Orchestra MISO started the classic music season 2019 at the Addrianne Arsht Center in Miami.  

The fabulous concert opened the series of concerts that MISO will present in the city of Miami.

The impressive  concert hall was enlightened by the Miso Golden Award recognition. The recognition was given by the music director and conductor Mr Eduardo Marturet to Ms Milly and Mr Patrick Park. 
Mr & Ms Park are dedicated to  the art of philanthropy  and are important supporters for the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Early this year the Parks dedication to charity prompted noted philanthropist Lois Pope to donate an ambulance named for the couple.

The important trophy was a one of a kind piece elaborated by the contemporary artist Gustavo Fernandez, and was composed by a double baton composition.

Mr Fernandez is a recognized local artist who has exhibited his work in America, Asia and Europe. His valuable contribution to this event was recognized by the assisting audience.


After a successful internship at Atelier Cruz Diez  in Paris, the talented artist Diego Cardenas returns to US with fantastic new projects in his schedule including a master at SCAD.
Diego Cárdenas was born in Caracas, Venezuela; attended school in the US and currently works for Campbellsville University as the Creative Developer and Landscape Designer. In this institution he has painted about 6 murals and is the first student to ever have a space identified with his name; space in which he has painted 15 murals up to date. 

His work has been exhibited in Campbellsville, Miami, New York, Caracas and Tokyo. Cardena's work expands from murals go through drawings and sculptures.
The coming Miami Art Week 2019 in December will be delighted with Cardena's exhibition in Wynwood. The talented emerging artist Diego Cardenas will be part of a selected group exhibition at the gallery Miart Space in the Wynwood Art District.

Miami Art week is the most important art week in United States. During this week, every year thousands of people from all over the world travel to Miami to visit the art fair Art Basel Miami Beach and all the parallel events that take place in the city.Cardena's artworks will be at the Parallel 19 exhibition from December 5th to 15th. For more information on the artist or the exhibition where you can see his work please visit the website

Performing Arts Festival in Miami
A ground-breaking intersection of music, dance and film, this dazzling multi-genre performance will take the audiences on an imaginary journey to Paris. Members of the Miami City Ballet will join phenomenal award-winning classical musicians of the Mainly Mozart Festival in this smart and beautiful meditation on the ephemeral nature of dance.
Music by Mozart, Strauss, Brahms, Debussy, DelibesBorodin and Tchaikovsky.
EXHIBITIONS and performances in Miami during summer at the ADRIANNE  ARSHT CENTER

Gallery Tour Brussels - Wynwood
A cultural exchange at a gallery level showcases artists with a strong background in arts and promote ART as a universal language.  This exhibition is part of a VIP gallery Tour that started six years ago in 2013 as an intercultural exchange between Belgium and United States.

This Duo Galleries Tour will be presented accordingly:
BELGIUM March 14th to 21st Brussels - Belgium. Vernissage  March 14th 2019
At: Galerie La Spirale - Chausée de Wavre 224-1050 Bruxelles
UNITED STATES April 4th to 11th Miami – United States. 

Vernissage  in Miami will be on April 4th 2019 at 7pm
At: Miart Space Gallery: 151 NW 36 St. Miami, FL 33127 - Wynwood

The selected artists invited to participate in this exhibition are: Dalia Berlin, Christine Drummond, Clara Ochoa, Tania Riera, Alicia Rodriguez, Alejandro Szilagyi, Carlos Tirado, Jose Varela, Eric Wursten. Despite the artists are from different countries and have different languages the art unifies them with a global language. 

Juried Photography Exhibition in Wynwood
Enrique Blein as a photography judge during exhibition in Wynwood

The gallery Miart Space welcomes the photography director Enrique Blein as judge in the collective exhibition for Miami Art Week season 2018. This juried exhibition will take place during the first two weeks of december in the Wynwood art district at Miami.

 This photography exhibition  will bring together six talented photographers from all over the world. The juried exhibition will be judged by the well-known photography director Mr. Enrique Blein who has a rich background in this complex subject.
The exhibition will be open to the public on December 1 until December 15 2018 at the address 151 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127. This event is presented to the community as a free enrichment program for the Miami community.

The invited PHOTOGRAPHERS for this exhibit are Alexandro Pelaez, Daniel Serva, Ever Borettini, Jose Varela, Lola Green, Miguel Aya. For more information on this exhibition please email

Miami Art Week Parallel exhibition in Wynwood
This December the city of Miami glows again with the magnificent art events.  
During this time of the year Miami turns into the most trendy city in US . Thousands of art lovers, collectors and art connoisseurs come to the Sunshine city to participate in fantastic art events. Top quality art exhibitions, fairs and events take place in Wynwood as a cultural enrichment for the city.

In this particular edition we recommend to visit the gallery  Art Center Wynwood located at the main art district of the city named Wynwood. The gallery offers  an excellent exhibit open to the public the first two weeks of December at at comfortable private environment. 

This art center in Wynwood will offer three fantastic viewing rooms: photography exhibition, pop art exhibition and contemporary exhibition. The gallery address is 151 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127 and there is no fee to view the exhibition from december 5th to 15th 2019

This  Miami Art Week parallel event during 2018 was sponsored by: Ecoturf, Rum Diplomatico, La Jolla Ballroom, A touch of class, El  Balcon de las Americas, ONE Sotheby's International Realty, & Claudy's Sweets.


"EDO the illustrator" in Wynwood
The famous illustrator EDO (Eduardo Sanabria)  presented a solo show exhibition in the Wynwood Art District in Miami for the month of September 2018. His solo show is a combination of pop art with caricatures presented in a very elegant exhibit. EDO is the artistic name for Eduardo Sanabria, born in Venezuela in 1970. He has successfully exhibited his work in America, Europe and Asia with total admiration from his followers and collectors.
EDO's artworks are very unique in a way, he can  cartoonize any  famous character. From Warhol to Picasso to politics or religious personalities could be found in his solo exhibit. Check it out at Miart Space 151 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127 in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. For more information please contact the gallery

Wynwood Art District

The main art district in Miami is called Wynwood, where most of the galleries and art centers are located.  Over a dozen of art fairs come to the city and more than fifty galleries prepare special exhibitions with contemporary art to display.

This area of Wynwood is well known for the graffiti art, good art centers,  galleries, local artists studios and now trendy restaurants.Known for its many colorful murals, Wynwood is one of the city’s most happening districts. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists. The surrounding streets have converted warehouses housing craft breweries and funky art galleries.  

This year 2018 the fairs RED DOT, Pinta & Spectrum will take place at the convention center MANA Wynwood. For information on gallery art exhibitions taking place in the Wynwood art district please email

Painting below by Jude Papaloko from Jakmel Art Gallery
Veronika Beyhaut  at Jakmel Art Gallery

The contemporary artist Veronika Beyhaut will exhibit her abstract pieces in a collective exhibition at  Jakmel Art Gallery in Wynwood. The gallery will display a fantastic collective exhibition on  modern art starting on October 14th 2017. The gallery owner  Mr Jude Papaloko will be the hostess for the opening night during gallery walk.  

In the left  image you can admire one of  Veronika's paintings that will be showcased.. For more information on this exhibition please  call  786-3125947 or visit  Jakmel Gallery at 157 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127. Wynwood Art District

JUAN CRISTOBAL ARAOZ solo show exhibit in Miami at the Wynwood art district. 
Juan Cristóbal is a contemporary artist born in La Paz, Bolivia. After finishing high school, he moved to the United States to continue studies at the University of Kansas where he obtained two Bachelor’s Degrees, Economics and Business Administration.
In 2011 he moved back to the United States. He has continued studies not only in Finance at the Florida International University but also in Arts attending different acrylic and mix media workshops in US. Juan quotes:“In the need to find a stress outlet from my day to day work routine in Miami, I reconnected to a hidden passion that as a child I had but never fully explored, art. As a kid I would spend the weekends at my father’s studio drawing, painting and creating mock-ups since he is an architect, and at the same time my mother will give me all kinds of art supplies, color pencils, oils, drawing books and much more”.

Miart Space proudly presents this month of October  2nd to 27th Juan C. Araoz Solo Show exhibition. Juan’s abstract collection is full of vibrant colors and strong strokes to energize any space. For more information please email us at


The past September  2017 Art Center Miami participated once again at the annual exhibition Beijing Art Expo in the City of Beijing, China. The successful exhibition took place until September 3rd with thousands of spectators that attended the art expo at the China International Exhibition Center.

To watch the video of the exhibition follow this link:

Art Center Miami brought a selected group of artists from America to showcase a figurative art exhibit. The talented artists each unique in its style have an excellent trajectory in art and represent a unique value to the exhibit. Find enclosed a short biography of the participating artists. For more information please email

Ana Carolina Moreno is a Venezuelan contemporary artist born in 1970. Ana graduated as an architect in Venezuela and the studied Fine Arts in the US. She has successfully exhibited her mixed media artworks in Asia, Europe and US. She expresses in her paintings a metaphor of life as a fish pond.

Carlos Tirado is a contemporary artist born in 1964. From an early age it started within the area of the arts exhibiting their work in many galleries in Venezuela.  His artworks combine pigments and resins with surrealism that engages to think about the cosmos and reflect the inner sight of the viewer.

David Yeghaneh is a French painter born in 1964 .  He is formerly a scholar of political science and started his very successful career as an artist in Seoul Korea where he lived for a few years. He uses Korean pigments for her paintings and has exhibited his abstract series all over the world.

Eduardo Sanabria, was born in Venezuela, in 1970. His caricatures have been published in many newspapers in North and South America.  He studied illustration and was awarded the Gold Pen Prize as the best cartoonist in 2007. He has many exhibitions in Venezuela, North America, Asia & Europe.

Erion Cha is a Korean artist born in 1980. She studied fine arts in US at the San Francisco Art Institute. Erion Cha had successfully exhibit her artwork all over the world. She has developed a series of the Big Prince with over one hundred paintings in oil. Erion has successfully exhibited her work in Asia and America.

Eva Castell is a talented artist from Argentina. Eva studied fine art in her native country Argentina. She meditates on daily basis to connect with her inner side. The visions under deep meditation give her the inspiration to create her mystical paintings. Her unique strokes in oil are characteristic of her paintings.

Mai Yap is a contemporary Chinese artist born in in Panama in 1964 of Chinese parents. Ms. Mai Yap has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas with her series in oil. She holds a Bachelor in Arts in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Georgia in U.S.  Mai uses only palette knife oil strokes in her work.

Silvia Rosales is a very spiritual Argentinian artist who lived in Miami. She has elaborated a series of mandalas with powerful meanings. Silvia uses metallic paint for her mystical artworks. Silvia has successfully exhibited her mandala work in many galleries in the United States.