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Love & Peace exhibit at 55th Venice Biennale, Italy

Art Exhibition at Venice biennale 2013, Italy
Flowers exhibition solo by artist Ana Tzarev
By walking in the enchanted streets of the city of Venice we would find many art exhibitions that are part of the Biennale. One of the most visited ones is the exhibition at Museum Diocesano at Venice, by Ana Tzarev.
“More than flowers to be honest this large substantial blossoms resemble the jaws of menacing and eager wild animals, and also human countenances full of life and passions and finally feelings, excesses  of the body and psyche. Here, then, the metaphorical dimension follows the historical one, in which the flower is also a cliché of femeninity, of beauty and fragility, of that which is fleeting, seasonal and perishable, pulsating an eager ”as described by art critic  and curator Marco Tonelli.
A true citizen of the world, Ana Tzarev’s work is edified by decades of extensive travel. She has taken residence in bustling Asian cities, remotes African villages, and the pristine landscapes of Australia, or immersing herself in cultures and costumes to translate them on to canvas.
Her paintings are rich on texture with oil paint that she uses directly from the oil tube when applying it. Ana always uses the colors directly from the tube instead of making a specific tone on a palette like most artists would do. The tones are mixed in the actual painting when the spectator observes them from distance because of their big size.
Ana also exhibit in this solo exhibition a couple of sculptures made upon request after her paintings. There is a main giant flower in red that takes place over the center of the exhibition room at the ‘Museo Diocesano di Venezia”.This exhibition will take place until November 24 of 2013 in Venice Italy for the 55 Venice Biennale, a must see exhibition for art lovers like me.