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Frida Kahlo by artist Natalia Babi

Internationally acclaimed artist Natalia Babi presented her transformation in the painting “Frida Kahlo -The Side of Happiness”.

  The expressive artwork was dedicated to the 106th birthday anniversary of a legendary Mexican artist and the world’s fashion icon Frida Kahlo. This art piece will become the part of a series of Natalia Babi’s works “Wondrous Women of Fantasy and Reality”, which is also called “One Artist Show”. It is worth mentioning that in this project Natalia Babi is not only the artist, but she is also the performing actress of each wondrous historical heroine, as well as the director of a thoroughly orchestrated spectacle. Each painting begins with the photo session, where Natalia acquires a particular image, and then it is transferred to the canvas, followed with oil paints and multimedia, creating a harmonious one-of-a-kind universe, fusing photography and painting. Among the final acts, we see the creation of mysterious blue-eyed Swan Princess, a passionate Carmen in her dance, a wonderful illustrious Marilyn Monroe… It is a whole gallery of unique and beautiful women. Images of these women, both real and imagined, depict how they became symbols of their time and ultimately an integral part of world culture. They are carried by the winds of centuries. Their spiritual glory outlives generations. These women are muses, queens, warriors; they are masterpieces of painting, literature and music.
  I believe – says Natalia Babi – the artwork “Frida Kahlo” will become one of the pearls of my project about outstanding women of all times. Frida has become one of the most universally admired and popular artists ever. Her paintings are sold for millions of dollars, her true original image inspires the eminent fashion designers, dozens of books describe her life full of drama and passion, and Hollywood makes movies about her singular personality. I admire Frida Kahlo because she was an incredibly strong person, she suffered a great deal during her life, being bedridden for years. She stayed true to herself, expressing her emotional experiences on canvas, preserving there her extrovert energy forever.
  The majority of Frida’s paintings capture her personal image. Each of her self-portraits appears to be the mirror of her soul, metaphorical reflection of the events in her life. I would like to cite the words of this unique artist: "I paint myself because I am the subject I know best.”  I understand and experience this approach - says Natalia Babi - as I transfer my personal photo images to the canvas. This method helps me to turn myself into a “fabula” - the raw material of my heroine’s story.
  My painting is called “Frida Kahlo - The Side of Happiness” because I wished to depict Frida in her personal oasis of happiness that had its place in the desert of her tough fate. She loved very much her picturesque land with its exotic ever-blooming nature. She loved being surrounded by her numerous pets who had been giving her joy and peace. And, without a doubt, she loved her art through which she represented her colorful, and at the same time, such a complicated life.