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Buying ART to give away

Buying Art a real investment
The simply idea of finding a gift for your friends or your love ones is terrifying. You want something with his/her taste,  something fancy, something that will not end in the trash.
The best solution according to top curators is to give away ART. Buying art as an investment might not be important to you, and you may never wish to sell the artwork you buy. However it is an exciting thought to imagine that the artwork that you are buying could delight the eyes of the viewers and could worth much more in a few years.
"Buying emerging art is the equivalent of investing in frontier market equities. Rather than buying the global names that appear in the big auctions of the best galleries, you invest in the artistic equivalent of Mongolia or Cambodia: the young artists coming out of MA programmers".
Said David Stevenson
The Financial Times
"Works by emerging artists such as these have the potential for increasing in value and leading to future gains, and they are also much more affordable than bigger name artists and much easier to access.
Peter Doig made his famous painting, White Canoe (1990-1), whilehe was a student at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. The work was acquired by the Saatchi Gallery and sold many years later in 2007 at Sotheby's for £5.7 million."
Said Rebecca Wilson
Chief Curator, Saatchi Online &
Director, Saatchi Gallery