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"Farewell to Violence" by artist Leonor Anthony

This last month of the year 2013, the international artist Leonor Anthony will showcase her unique artworks in a Post Art Basel Show in Wynwood.  

Leonor who just finished her successful exhibition at the Red Dot Art Basel Satellite Fair, keeps her energy up with this amazing display of mixed media artworks at Art Center Wynwood.

This exhibition that started last December 10th and continues until January 8th, showcases an excellent collection of photography, mixed media and sculptures from talented international artists. In this occasion Leonor presents to the public her powerful mixed media pieces with a subliminal social content.

In our interview with the artist, we asked Leonor to talk about her incredible piece ”Farewell to Violence”. Leo, what do you intend to express with this strong beautiful piece?

“This piece illustrates in actual newspaper clippings, different scenarios in which violence takes place.-Whether it be physical abuse women in Afghanistan, school shootings in the US, crime in Chicago or the Syrian civil war which is still ravaging the population as we speak.
In the middle of the piece is the angel, his clothes soaked in the blood of the world and his beautiful feathers, falling...due to the pain we inflict on each other and the preponderance of violence worldwide. This is a strong piece but one that needs to be looked at closely so that we don’t contribute to the violence, in actions or in words.
The angel is still beautiful and should the violence subside, he will once again stand straight , his resplendent plumage in its full glory for the world to admire”

Leonor Anthony is an Expressionist artist. Born in Cuba, Leonor immigrated with her family to the United States as a very young child. Leonor’s preferred medium is oil on canvas and charcoal drawings. The imagery of her art is crafted with a combination of precise and loose brush strokes, characterized by powerful colors and jarring compositions that elicit vivid emotional reactions. In her work, the world is presented by means of a highly subjective personal and spontaneous self-expression. Her artworks had been exhibited in many Fine Art Fairs in Asia, Europe and US. Leonor has private collectors of her work in Beijing, US, The Netherlands, Italy and 

For more information about Leonor’s display in Wynwood or to arrange a visit to the gallery please email Gallery address: 149 NW 36 St, Miami FL 33127