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LA based artist TOSHEE exhibition in Wynwood

We have the pleasure of featuring this time a talented LA artist named Alan De  Leonardis alias Toshee.  He studied graphic design at Harvard under the late, great Toshihiro Katayama. Toshihiro was his great mentor and friend. After Toshihiro passed early this year Alan chose to honor him by using TOSHEE as his artistic name.

This month of December 2013  Toshee will be exhibiting his interesting artworks in a post Art Basel Miami show at the Art District of Wynwood.  Toshee will present his latest series “The Princes” with an interesting mixed media technique. 

The collective show is open to the general public and will offer a vip cocktail this coming Saturday December 14 from 7pm to 10 pm at 149 NW 36 St at Art Center Wynwood.

Toshee is a newcomer to the Miami art world. He is based in Los Angeles, however  he sees an undeniable vibrancy, passion and integrity surrounding the art in Miami . The use of color, narratives featuring shared cultural experience, and the freedom to explore forward-looking ideas are some of the elements that come to his mind when thinking of art in Miami.

Toshee wants people to laugh and think--if they don't do both, he'll take one or the other. He likes re-contextualizing images and ideas to challenge the viewer's initial response and historical memory, highlighting the absurdity and playfulness hidden just under the surface of the sacred and profound.

Toshee plays with an assortment of media when creating his artworks. Since he was trained as a designer while straddling the mechanical and digital eras, he often employs both in his work. Acrylics, printing ink and sumi-e on acetate, paper boards and other surfaces--those are some of his favorites.

“You could call me a "re-emerging artist," but the truth is I've never seen myself as an artist, even now. I'm a designer--an applied artist. I sometimes have interesting ideas and try to engineer them creatively to bring them to life. I'll leave the honor of being called an artist to my fellow exhibiters, whose work and reputations have certainly merited that title more than I”. says Toshee in our interview.

To visit this exhibition in Miami, feel free to stop by the gallery. Art Center Wynwood will be delighted to arrange a special appointment just for YOU. This exhibition will be on-site until January 8 2014. Gallery email contact email: