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Art from the West to the ancient East

Seminar about the artistic interaction between Asia & the West.
Asia is well known for its economic growth in the recent years. The cultural opening of the East is impressive and the Asian culture is totally intrigue by learning more about Western culture, its art, and its history.
The Art market has been touch by this new opening when Asian collectors decided to start buying emerging artists coming from America and Europe. The contrast in cultures is big, and to find a perfect blend is not easy. The abstract of the western is still not understood, however the figurative art is very welcome and appreciated in countries like South Korea and China.
We encourage the art lovers to study this interesting blend between the east and the west. Art Center Miami will offer a special seminar named UNDERSATNDING THE WEST. This seminar will include art history and actual facts that are touching the Asian market. For information on this interesting seminar simply email us at Cost per person attending the seminar is $20
Art Center Miami will visit this ancient continent once again this 2014. With a group of selected artists the center will exhibit in Seoul this coming May to showcase Latin American artworks. The contemporary artists joining this exhibition will be Leonor Anthony, Ingrid Block, Eumelia Castro, Eliana Martinez, Ana Carolina Moreno, Beatriz Ocampo, Tina Pascual, Luna Rosa & Cecilia Sanchez Vega.
The participating artists are from Latin American countries and represent a unique group very much appreciated by collectors. Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, and Colombia will be surely the most mentioned countries at SOAF. Seoul Open Art Fair is an annual fine art event that combines contemporary paintings, photography and sculptures from over 70 galleries.
Later on, this September 2014 the center will visit China for the 17 Beijing International Art Exhibition. Simply caught by its ancientc harm Art Center Miami promotes the exchange between Asian and American art culture. For more information or to learn more about the seminar visit the center’s gallery or its offices in Miami.