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NAIF EXHIBITION in Miami this coming May 2014

Art Center Miami is proud to present an International NAIF& SINGULAR ART COLLECTIVE SHOW from May 4th to June 3rd 2014. This unique Naif & Singular exhibition compiles the work of talented artists who come from all over the world to Miami for a cultural enrichment exhibition
Please join us for an Opening Champagne Brunch on Sunday May4th Time: 10 am - 1pm and for the Art walk vernissage on Saturday May 10th from7pm – 10 pm. The event will take place at the Art Center Miami Gallery Space in Wynwood located at: 149 NW 36 St, Miami FL 33127. This event is open to the public and there is no charge for entrance fee to the gallery. For more information simply email artcentermiami@gmail.comor visit the gallery
THE HONORABLE GUEST ARTISTS in this show will be:
Alain DONNAT from France / Corinne DELHAYE from Belgium / Pablo AZAR from Mexico
 “Naif Art” is now a fully recognized art genre, represented in art galleries worldwide. Simplicity rather than subtlety are all supposed markers of naïve art. It has, however, become such a popular and recognizable style that many examples could be called pseudo-naïve.
The International participating artists are as it follows:
ARTISTS: Andrée HUC /Andrée HOTTON / Ângela GOMES /Alejandro PINZÓN / Carole PERRET / Cesare NOVI /Claudette BAZIN / Dragan MIHAILOVIC / Elisabeth Davy- BOUTTIER /Elisabeth DEPUISET/ Gadu DIAZ /Jean DELÊTRE /Jean-Pierre GENET / Lola LÓPEZ / LUNA ROSA / Maria ANDRADE /Monica YEPES / Michèle VERT-NIBET / Nicole MEUNIER / Olaf ULBRICHT / Philippe SEUTIN /Philippe VACQUIÉ / Xavier PORTILLA /Youn BRAZ
Naïve art is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique. There also exist the terms "naïvism" and "primitivism" which are usually applied to professional painters working in the style of naïve art(like Paul Gauguin, Mikhail Larionov, Paul Klee)
The characteristics of naïve art are an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting. Specially non-respect of the 3 rules of the perspective such as defined by the Progressive Painters of the Renaissance: decrease of the size of objects proportionally with distance, muting of colors with distance, and the decrease in precision of details with distance.
The results in the Naif Paintings are:
Effects of perspective geometrically erroneous(awkward aspect of the works, children's drawings look, or medieval painting look, but the comparison stops there)
Strong use of pattern, unrefined color on all the plans of the composition, without enfeeblement in the background,
An equal accuracy brought to details, including those of the background which should be shaded off.
Simplicity rather than subtlety are all supposed markers of naïve art. It has, however, become such a popular and recognizable style that many examples could be called pseudo-naïve.
Whereas naïve art ideally describes the work of an artist who did not receive formal education in an art school or academy, for example Henri Rousseau or Alfred Wallis, 'pseudo naïve' or 'faux naïve' art describes the work of an artist working in a more imitative or self-conscious mode and whose work can be seen as more imitative than original. While many naïve artists appear, from their works, to have little or no formal art training, this is often not true. While this was true before the twentieth century, there are now academies for naïve art.