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Eliana Martinez, a Colombian Artistic Talent in Asia

ELIANA MARTINEZ an emerging Contemporary artists in Asia
International Artist, living in Miami that promises an interesting emerging scene in Asia. Eliana is a Colombian Architect/ Contemporary artist born in Cartagena and graduated from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.
Providing a unique description of contemporary Latin American art would be as difficult as defining Asian contemporary art. Latin American art of the 20th and 21st centuries is immensely rich and varied, evolving in a large and diverse geographical area with distinct cultural idiosyncrasies and styles.
The Latin American art scene has continued to grow in quality and diversity in Asia. A region that was traditionally known for the great Asian artists and some famous representatives is now teeming with artists producing outstanding work from Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and the rest of South and Central  America. This creates a very dynamic and promising “emerging scene in Asia‟.
Eliana Martinez was chosen for an intercultural exchange between United States and SEOUL-Korea, and will be represented, not only in Korean art entities but also in the Art Center Miami’s allied gallery BellArte where Ms. Sandra Rodriguez represents Latin American Talent.
Eliana has always had a passion for drawing and a sensibility for lines and colors. With her style, she can express elegance with the symmetry and proportion. Her composition was very well welcome in the ancient continent when first viewed last May 2014.
Sandra Rodriguez and Ana Carolina Moreno joined forces in Shanghai since 2012 when participating at the Latin American Pavilion. Back in2012, Sandra and Ana arranged an incredible exhibit at the Wison Art Center in Shanghai where the artists displayed their artworks with great success.
For the 2014-2015 year, these two Venezuelans join forces once again with an intercultural exchange between Korea and US. Emerging contemporary artists will be showcasing their work in an effort to unify the artistic language between continents.
The contemporary artist and architect Eliana Martinez was chosen for this intercultural exchange between countries. Eliana will be exhibiting her pieces in Seoul Korea through Ms. Sandra Rodriguez representation, not only in art fairs and Korean museums but also in the allied gallery.
Eliana is an international artist and architect living in Miami, Florida.  She was born in Colombia and has always had a passion for drawing and a sensibility for lines and colors. Her artwork expresses symmetry and proportion, generating a deep sense of symbolism. The visual narrative of her work shows an emotional link between the human and the artistic experience expressed with a dynamic sense of textures and forms.
Her clean and elegant pieces captivated the eyes of thousands of Koreans at the last fair, SOAF, she participated in. Eliana engaged her conceptual art with a touch of nature, establishing a strong connection between Asian classic styles and elegant contemporary forms.
To view Eliana Martinez artworks in US, please visit the gallery Art Center Wynwood in Miami or visit her website: