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Fall Season opens with unique Art Shows in Wynwood

Figurative Cosmic Art Exhibition at Art Center Wynwood

The cosmos is always something a bit more than just the physical universe, even though some might think that is all there is. The cosmos includes the realm of mind, of thought, of consciousness, of spirit. Cosmic Art may not be the most common term around, but it makes sense to all of us sharing this universe.   

So while cosmic art often includes images of space like suns, moons, planets and such, it also often involves the realm of thought or imagination, perhaps dreams, as well. And it often has that spiritual connection, with content that seems to have eternal existence in a realm that is not just physical.

Art Center Wynwood presented this month of September a group of selected artists with a variety from sculptures to painting. Each artwork is based on meditation and then the artists just take their essence a step further into a new realm.

The artists exhibiting in this show are: Eva Castell, Jesus Villareal, Pablo Azar, Claudia Di Paolo, Sara Burle, Adriana Patino, Tony Coria, William Villanueva, Jonathan Cabrera, Cynthia Wolper, Robyn Rader, Ari Garvett, Diana Paredes, Cecilia Sanchez-Vegas, Frank Papandrea, Terry Mulrooney, Illance Betancourt.

Whether that makes sense or not, why not just check it out before September 30th! Many are based on amazing figures or structures that are mysterious and fascinating in their own right.

Address: 149 NW 36 St, Miami FL 33176. Info on opening hours at


  After a long summer the Miami live goes back to normal when cooler winds hit the city to refresh the heat. This prior summer exhibit was open to the general public on daily bases in the art district of Wynwood.
There is no entry cost whatsoever This art center intents to promote the artistic community in Miami with its monthly exhibitions. With a mixture of color, texture and technique the collective exhibition is open to all.
The artists exhibiting in this Abstract Art collective show were as it follows: Gloriela Araujo, Jose Coronel, Lorena Fernandez, Gina Guzman, Ana Maria Hoyos, Guus Kemp, Eliana Martinez, Jonidel Mendoza, Joel Ostos, Gonzalo Sanchez, Carlos Tirado Yepes, Daniel Tomas, Katsumi Zarich
For more information visit the art gallery with the convenient city trolley or email This art gallery holds an interesting artists portfolio from the twentieth century. Each of them with a different technique andmedia, but with the same artistic movement.