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Talented Tracy Ellyn showcase in Wynwood

Tracy Ellyn is a talented artist who brings homeward the global expressions of her world travels and life experiences, in the form of mixed media gallery pieces.

She is inspired by the history and wisdom of the masters, from the ancient Jewish prophets to the Eastern philosophers to the great artists and minds that have spanned centuries and cultures, thus giving her work a universal and inquisitive appeal. Tracy is perhaps best recognized for creating multiple-layered works containing her drawings, paintings, photography and writing in several languages within each individual piece, thus communicating a holistic aesthetic experience. Transparent and backlit, these oversized pieces transcend the genres of contemporary, modern or post-modern, and are viewed by her collectors as contemplative, thought-provoking and healing. Her artwork has been described as "a harmonious symphony between fine art and spiritual sensibilities."
Tracy Ellyn has exhibited throughout Miami, including Wynwood, Coral Gables, Bird Road Art District and Art Basel satellite exhibitions. This coming weekend Tracy will exhibit at MIArt Space for the gallery walk of this famous art district. Welcome to visit the exhibition at: 151 NW 36 St, Miami FL 33127

Our blog team had the wonderful opportunity to meet Tracy and prepared an interesting interview to share with you. Our team got to ask her some questions about her career.

1- Tracy What is your main inspiration when creating art?
My main inspiration when creating art is synthesizing a variety of experiences I want to share via my travels, my work, my relationships and the people I've known. I tend to work in layer upon layer of mixed media to achieve this. I can see my fashion design and textile background in the surface pattern qualities of my layers. I also make use of the ancient philosophers, Jewish prophets, historic masters and modern thinkers that I'm heavily inspired by. I tell a story in layers, like chapters that come together as a cohesive whole at the end of a book, with the goal always being to heal or in some way better the life of the viewer, if even for a moment.

2- How do you connect your art to your soul?
My fine art pieces are healing pieces, meant to pull viewers away from the frenetics of modern life and engage them to sit down for a while in quiet contemplation. My art is an extension of soul, and is heavily influenced by the field of art therapy. Often transparent and backlit, they are viewed by my collectors as contemplative, thought-provoking and healing. A bit like prayer, or meditation. My artwork has been described as "a harmonious symphony between fine art and spiritual sensibilities."

3- Is there a favorite medium for your creations?
I work in mixed media, layer upon layer. I have such an equal passion for painting, drawing, textiles, photography, writing... that I often want to use them all for the same image or concept. So, I've finally gotten to the point where I say, "Why decide? Use them all!" This sort of synthesis of all manner of perceiving something is how life tends to be anyway. It's truer to my nature to not just draw, but share via thinking, writing, merging philosophies, languages, experiences. Then I might bead a section inspired by my textile and fashion background, and paint over a section that I want to emphasize as part of an experience I've been through and want to share. I often use several languages in one piece, giving the piece a universal appeal. Arts and letters enhance each other in mixed media.

4- Tracy What are your exhibition plans for this year 2015?
This year, I plan to continue to exhibit in Wynwood. But my bigger goal, because of my interest in art and healing, is to install my gallery pieces in a variety of hospitals, medical centers, chemo rooms, surgical waiting areas, rehabs, doctors' offices, clergy/counseling venues, and the like. The integration of art collections into medical settings has been the fastest growing trend for bettering the lives and outcomes of individuals and communities through the arts. Indeed, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, Yale Hospital, and hospitals across the country have built world class art collections to uplift the spirits, speed healing, and rid the anxiety heightened by the experience of the dreaded white wall. When art becomes a healing venue, and can make a positive change in people's lives, then this becomes my goal, more so than galleries and museums. 

5-Is there any specific goal for you this year?
I created a memorial for a very special person, that I hope will be installed in a few key places in the US this year. It is not only important for his family, but to keep his story, and its impact on societal norms and geopolitical values, alive for generations to come. Otherwise, history repeats itself in ugly ways. I prefer not to name the memorial's subject yet, but his name and his story are, unfortunately, very public. What better means is there to make a difference than the arts, the universal language?

6- What do you think about the art in Miami?
Art in Miami is very energetic and fresh to me. It keeps me young and moving. Although my pieces intentionally steer a bit differently than the contemporary art scene in Miami, they garner much energy from it and then get interpreted in my own way, outside of the genres or contemporary or post-modern. They are more like soul pieces. They sit you down rather than get you running.

7- Are you planning on staying in Miami for many years?
Who knows how long I will be in Miami? I love New York and Paris, where I used to live. I love Asia, I love the mountains and the sea. So much life to live in so little time! I have a bit of wanderlust in me, which you can see in my pieces. Never one culture or influence, but rather a meeting of several.

We congratulate this talented artist and invite you to contact her directly through her site and email.