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Art Curator Master's Level Conferences at Art GAP

Master's Level Conferences at ART G.A.P. in Italy

Curator of Art and Cultural Events - Rome

The art world requires a professional highly competitive, which starts from a solid academic foundation, but providing practical training to be carried out on the field. The figure of the Curator of Art is becoming more and more specific, the management of exhibition design for the conservation of private and corporate collections, from the evaluation of authenticity of art objects to the promotion of emerging artists.

The Master in Curator of Art was then programmed to provide practical experience in line with the needs of the working world. The G.A.P. It has as its main objective the support of emerging artists and the organization of cultural events with a large social impact. With the experience of its members and of important collaborations with other similar organizations working for years as part of the national territory, the GAP It offers to all those who are intended to operate in the world of art and cultural events the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through a training concrete and far-reaching.

OBJECTIVES: The Curator of Art is a professional increasingly multifaceted: it must be able to develop a cultural project to be proposed to public and private, must be able to select a collection based on scientific criteria and cultural needs to know the system of contemporary art but also recognize the authenticity of any object of art history; It is increasingly called on to deal with the preservation and protection of public and private collections and act as a guarantor in the trades of art. The conferences has primarily intended to provide participants with an effective field organization curatorial experience of certain types of cultural events (solo and group exhibitions, art performances ...) and on the guidelines of contemporary construction.

The Head of the Education Master is Dr. Cecilia Paolini, Art Historian and Member of Icom.

During the period of the Master meetings and workshops and in -depth studies of successful artists of the contemporary art scene will take place. A confirmation of the teaching method oriented on practical experience are organized within hours of lectures and master classes curators and experts that will present projects related to their field

The Master’s Level Conferences start on 22.09.2015 (09.30 - 15.30)
Address: Via San Francesco a Ripa, 105/a  00153 - Roma – RM, ITALY