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Latinamerican artists at Shanghai Art Fair

Art Center Miami successfully exhibit once again a group of talented artists in Shanghai from November 2nd to November 6th 2017.The display with contemporary artworks amazed art collectors and art lovers that came to the fair in the city of Shanghai in China.

Africa is a Spaniard artist who takes up the painting space with therapeutic value. She juggles between pixels and the mathematics of visual effects in art. In her work, it exists a collusion between reality, photography and image. She has exhibited her famous portrait artworks in U.S and Europe, 
Juan is a contemporary artist born in La Paz, Bolivia. After finishing high school, he moved to the United States to study at the University of Kansas where he obtained two Bachelor’s Degrees, Economics and Business Administration.  He attended different art workshops in US where he has exhibited his work.
Mai Yap is a contemporary artist born in in Panama in 1964 of Chinese parents. Ms. Jimenez has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas with her series in oil. She holds a Bachelor in Arts and Graphic Design from the University of Georgia in U.S.  She uses only palette knife oil strokes in her work.
Ana Carolina Moreno is a Venezuelan contemporary artist born in 1970. Ana graduated as an architect in Venezuela and the studied Fine Arts in the US. She has successfully exhibited her mixed media artworks in Asia, Europe and US. She expresses in her paintings a metaphor of life as a fish pond.
Alexandro is a Venezuelan photographer based in London who initially started his professional career in Advertising in US.  Having moved to London in 2001, he has worked over the years on various photography projects with different clients in the UK, Latvia, Germany, Italy, France, Vietnam and USA
Pereira is a Venezuelan artist born in 1959. He graciously crafts animal creatures in bronze, extracting and blending familiar elements for something entirely new. In his world, animals that typically walk on all fours are bipeds, and their new long legs give them a different appearance as humans.
Carlos Tirado is a contemporary artist born in 1964. From an early age it started within the area of the arts exhibiting their work in many galleries in Venezuela.  His artworks combine pigments and resins with surrealism that engages to think about the cosmos and reflect the inner sight of the viewer.
Born in Venezuela, Trujillo is a contemporary abstract artist who studied fine arts in the Georges Pompadours’ Museum and La Sorbonne in Paris, France. He has successfully exhibited his oil artworks in several galleries, art centers and art fairs in US, Latina America, Europe and Asia.