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Art Center Miami returns Shanghai art fair 2018

This coming November 8th 2018, Shanghai Art Fair will take place once again with a selection of talented artists from all over the world. This fair is one of the most important art exhibitions that take place annually in the city of Shanghai, P.R. of China.

From Miami a talented group of artists will join the fair with Art Center Miami’s booth. Each artist in his/her own style will represent Latin American art at the fair with four different medias: Paintings, graphic design, sculpture and photography.
These talented artists have many years of experience in the art industry and are experts in their own style. The artists were carefully selected by Art Center Miami and the director /architect Ana Carolina Moreno will be the liaison between Asia and America.

Art Center Miami has participated in over twenty art fairs and exhibitions in Asia with the strong believe that art has no frontiers. The mentioned artists participating at Shanghai Art Fair 2018 are as it follows:
Painters: Cecilia Sanchez Vegas, Silvia Rosales, Carlos Tirado, and Silvia Parra
Sculptors: Luis E. Garcia, Teresa Cabello and Aleszi (Alejandro Szilagyi)
Graphic designer the Iltalian / Venezuelan artist Monica Campana Montanarella
Photographers: Alexandro Pelaez and Jose Varela.

Shanghai Art Fair 2018(22nd), as Asia’s celebrated art exchange with long history and high internationalization degree, will be grandly held from Nov.8-11 at Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center, continuing the scale as before, presenting domestic and overseas collectors a gorgeous art event in Shanghai as well.

Shanghai Art Fair, established in 1997, has been successfully held under the support of Saulterretimized art event, which not only bridged the gap between worldwide and Shanghai, public and art, but also shaped a paradigm for the domestic art fairs.

More than 20 countries and areas’ art galleries, organizations, agencies participated in this lively art exchange during the past dozen years. For more information about this exhibition please email: